Holidays are supposed to be about de-stressing, not about adding new worries to your life. An unplanned family holiday could turn out to be an unpleasant experience for everyone. Since you’ve done your research, it’s time to put it into motion and think about all the other logistics of your trip. Here are some practical tips to consider after booking your trip.

Pack light

We’ve all made the mistake of overpacking. Can you picture yourself lugging around heavy luggage from place to place – especially if you’re travelling across multiple cities? Make sure you pack all the necessary items like official documents, toiletries, devices, and clothing you’ll actually need (do you really need three pairs of jeans?). And if you think about it, you only need one pair of walking shoes and one pair of flip flops or sandals. Most airlines have luggage restrictions, so make sure you weigh your bag before heading off.

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Make a loose, flexible itinerary

It’s important to have an itinerary, but make sure there’s room for spontaneity.  Create a general itinerary of things you would like to do, but don’t follow it too strictly – leave a few days open for relaxing or exploring. Planning an activity for every day won’t give you the luxury of doing what you feel like doing on the day, like sleeping in, enjoying the hotel’s facilities, or exploring local gems you just discovered. Unplanned events are sometimes some of the most memorable ones.

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Be cautious

If you’re used to travelling on your own, remember you now have your children to worry about too. Even if you’re the most seasoned traveller, it’s necessary to take precautions to ensure you have a successful trip. Make digital copies of all your important documents, don’t carry all your things at once, and leave your fancy jewellery at home. Consider getting travel insurance too. And if your kids are very young, don’t let them wander around on their own.

Try to stay healthy

No one wants to be sick on a family holiday. When travelling with children, it’s important to make sure you have all the correct medication and vaccines. Certain destinations don’t require vaccines, but be sure to find out in advance, and keep an up to date record of your child’s immunisations. If you are travelling to a warm country, monitor your child’s fluid intake and make sure they’re always wearing a hat with a wide brim and sunscreen when outside. Bring a first aid kit with and make sure it includes bandages, disinfectant, and medication for common ailments like the flu and diarrhoea.

Take advantage of technology

Does your trip involve a lot of travelling? A device loaded with apps and games will keep kids entertained during long and boring flights and bus and train rides. You can also give them their very own camera, so they can capture the world as they see it. This will teach them to observe their surroundings and focus on things that interest them. If you feel they’re too young to handle a digital camera, consider getting disposable cameras.  

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If you want to know more about planning amazing family holidays, then download our guide Planning Your Perfect Family Holiday. And if you’re thinking about planning a family holiday in Costa Blanca, get in touch with us. We have a range of family-friendly Costa Blanca hotels with facilities and amenities that the whole family will love.