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Come on, it’s time you gave yourself the break you deserve...

Because you never have time the rest of the year, we’ve made it easy for you to give your body and mind some well-earned rest and relaxation. It’s the perfect chance to try our wellness treatments in one of the Costa Blanca’s best-equipped centres. Our professional staff of beauty and health experts are ready and waiting to help you recover, re-energize and rejuvenate while you take a break from your routine. 


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Our boody scrubs include a body massage with nourishing, firming and soothing properties 

Leave your five senses in our hands

Total estimated time including the spa: 150 min.

Our dual treatments include our Spa taster circuit. What’s more, when you select one of our couples treatments, you’ll get to enjoy a healthy cocktail and fresh fruit carpaccio. An extrasensory experience.

Leave your five senses in our hands


Skin solutions using the latest technology in modern cosmetics, offering beauty and youth

Global Anti-Age O2

Anti-ageing A response to the lack of oxygenation and environmental ravages our skin endures daily. A glowing face full of vitality, diffusing signs of ageing.

Anti Agein vitamin C+ treatment

Antioxidant, rejuvenating and illuminating. Anti-ageing and revitalising skincare that works intensively to repair your skin’s glow, vitality and even tone. Immediately achieve a skin glowing with youthfulness.

Leave your five senses in our hands


Leave your five senses in our hands

Week offers

Do you want some extra energy to kick-start your Monday morning? Or the reward of a relaxing massage to wind down on a Friday? Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our spa. There’s a new offer every day of the week. Which one will you pick?


Serenity massage (70 min)


Spa (60 min) and massage (30 min)


Spa (60 min) and massage for tired legs (30 min)


 Spa (60 min) and massage (50 min)

Friday Turkey

Spa (30 min) and body-peeling (30 min)

Saturday Rome Special for couples

Bath (20 min) and Ritual massage (60 min)

SundayIndia Special for couples

Chocolate bath (20 min) and chocolate massage (30 min)

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