If you like to be on the cusp of what’s hot and happening in the way of cycling technology, read on.

According to Intel, this year has seen some exciting tech tools enter the market. We will take a look at the most epic tools currently available. 

Top new cycling technology tools according to Intel


There’s a reason some cyclists run through red traffic lights, it’s not about recklessly disobeying the rules of the road as some people like to think, but rather the fact that “the sensors that trigger a traffic light change do not pick up the presence of the bicyclist, so cyclist’s options are to wait for a car or fly through the light.” But with Veloloop cyclists can trigger loop sensors at intersections via a microcontroller, “effectively manipulating the signals as if a car sits at the light.” 


We know movement can produce electricity but this handy tool has taken that reality a step further by creating a wearable charging station for runners or bikers to wear. This allows them to directly charge mobile technology. Runners and riders can continue navigating their way safely through exciting foreign lands without ever having to worry that their GPS tool might go dead. Ampy “uses internal coils that capture kinetic energy from a ride and deliver it to a lithium ion battery via USB. The makers behind Ampy say that one hour of exercise will generate three hours of charge time on most devices.”


Need an extra push uphill? By installing ShareRoller, riders will have a portable motor that can boost a rider to 28 km/h for 19-32 km range, with no pedaling at all. 

The invisible helmet

The invisible helmet is here. The much-anticipated Hövding resembles a scarf but, much like a personal airbag, inflates on impact to cover an even “larger portion of a cyclist’s head than a traditional helmet and records 10 seconds of impact, much like an airplane’s black box.”

Bicycle Touring Guide’s cycling technology top choices

The may-as-well-be-invisible-it’s-so-light helmet

The Smith Overtake Helmet is perfect for road and cross-country cyclists looking for an aerodynamic and light option that not only has top-of-the-range ventilation but also features storage for your sunglasses. 

The finest ice water bottle

If you’re a stickler for keeping cold things cold and hot things hot, The Camelbak Podium Ice is unbeatable. If you’ve got a long ride in a sunny climate on the agenda, it’s a must to keep you hydrated and cool. 

The best saddle in the world

The fabric ALM saddle weighs just 120 grams and is arguably the finest on the market at the moment. Exquisitely crafted “with vacuum-bonding technology, the ALM saddle is made entirely of carbon in a single mold.” What’s more, “the fabric ALM is one of the lightest, most flexible, and most comfortable saddles in the world.”

The bike to rival all bikes

The Felt Aero AR FRD has bikes the world over salivating. This award-winning beauty has been made with aerodynamics and lightweight cycling technology kept top-of-mind. Unsurprisingly, it’s not cheap (it’ll set you back $12,999, that’s a hefty chunk of change) but for serious bikers, there’s nothing quite like it. 

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