Choosing the perfect conference venue can be exciting and challenging at times and at others, immensely tedious and mundane

Regardless, however, what emotions choosing conference venues brings out in each of us, the reality is, it’s an exceptionally important step in the planning process. It’s not a secret (or shouldn’t be, by now) that the conference venue that you choose can make or break the success of it, so you must choose one that will ensure a phenomenal conference and delight delegates. So with this in mind, we suggest choosing fail-safe and spectacular venues by the sea. Here’s why:

The views

There are no two ways about it: venues fringing gorgeous, sparkling, cerulean seas sport some of the very best views on the globe. Plan a post-conference networking event with tantalising cocktails in a bar overlooking the sea, or ensure that the actual conference venues themselves have sea views. There is something magical about looking over gorgeous and mysterious blue seas while at an event, and delegates are bound to rave about your seaside conference for years to come.

The potential for incredible pre or post-conference event venues

Another great thing about planning a conference next to the sea is the potential for different spaces for all events surrounding the conference. For example, you could do dinner and a show on a boat, sundowners on a yacht, a party on the beach or something completely different and unusual — some places in the world even have underwater wine tastings! When choosing coastal conference venues you are certainly not limited to only looking for the venue in which the conference itself is held, and as you can see, there is a myriad of ways to make the conference exciting.

The fresh seafood offerings

Equally as important as the location and conference venue itself is the food on offer — people somehow always remember exceptionally good, or incredibly awful, food. One of the best parts of choosing conference venues along the coast is the incredible seafood that is on offer at (often, but not always) reasonable prices, especially if you know where to source it. Fresh healthy, delectable seafood, straight from the source — perfect to include in your coastal conference venue catering options.

The numerous options for activities during free time

The perks of having a conference in an exotic and gorgeous location are that the delegates get to indulge in awesome outdoor activities during downtime, and what better place to do so than by the sea? Water sports, fishing, boat excursions or simply swimming in the gorgeous waters and soaking up some vitamin D while lazing on the beach — having a conference by the sea is sure to keep delegates busy between conference sessions.

The fresh air

This may sound a little daft, but this is a big bonus when it comes to having conferences along the coast. Hours of conferences and meetings can make delegates feel a bit ‘foggy’ and there is nothing like getting outside and inhaling some incredible fresh air to perk a delegate up. Here are some major benefits of fresh air (some of them may even surprise you), taken from this article:

It assists digestion

It helps regulate your blood pressure/heart rate

“It makes you happier”

It helps to keep your lungs clean

It assists in strengthening your immune system

It energises people and ensures a “sharper mind”.

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